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ARTROM Network has decided to dedicate 2016, exclusively, to women artists and their creative processes. The word PRESENCE will be the key to all activities.
In 2008 the first ARTROM ‘Women in the Arts’ International Competition entitled “Exquiste Expressions” was created and from that point we have been previledged, over these years, to meet many passionate, highly creative and talented women.
This year ‘Women in the Arts, Edition °5’ is open for submissions. The project has been enlarged to include a Women in the Arts Database.
This will be an on-going project for the entire year. Artists can participate in the competition, the database or both.
Sponsors are welcomed and any individual who would like to support this project can contact Elizabeth Genovesi.

ARTROM Network ha deciso a dedicare 2016 alle donne artiste e i loro processi creativi. La parola PRESENZA sarà la chiave di tutte le attività.
Nel 2008 il primo concorso internazionale per le donne, dal titolo "Exquisite Espressioni", è stato creato e da quel momento ARTROM ha avuto il privilegio di incontrare molte donne appassionate, altamente creative e di grande talento.
Quest'anno 'Women in the Arts, Edizione °5' è aperto a tutte le donne nel mondo. Il progetto include un database per le artiste.
Si tratterà di un progetto in corso per l'intero anno.
Le artiste possono partecipare al concorso, il database o entrambi.
Le sponsor sono accolte e qualsiasi individuo che vorrebbe sostenere questo progetto può contattare Elizabeth Genovesi.

ARTROM Network
Via Faiti #6 (Lungotevere della Vittoria) 
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ARTROM Network is the originator of
"Art Experience Evenings"
as well as the Regional Coordinator in Italy for the international SLOW ART Movement

The motivation which gives form to ARTROM Network comes from a solid and clear belief that creativity is absolutely essential for a sane and healthy society. It needs to be supported, nurtured and cultivated with great care and a sense of responsibility. It is one of the most important processes we can experience as human beings. It is a precious gem.