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Elisabeth Ladwig
New Jersey / USA

Limited Editions of 17, available in various dimensions

Elisabeth Ladwig began her artistic career as a graphic artist in the music industry. It wasn't until years later that this digital artistry merged with a personal interest of physical cut-and-paste collage art, morphing into her current work of photo compositing.

Once an idea is born in her sketchbook, Elisabeth sets out to take the photographs she needs to create the image in her head. Her creative process is variable and spiritually instinctive.

The work stems from a grade-school revelation that science, nature, and magic are one in the same.

Elisabeth says, "Age 11, I think, is when I decided adults were wrong: magic does exist. As I lay in the grass watching pre-tornado skies, I realized it was all around me, hidden behind the sciences of meteorology, botany, astronomy... the warmth of miracles suppressed by experiments and equations and proofs."

Photo compositing allows me to create metaphorical reminders of the magic and miracles in an attempt to bring humanity back home to its roots: kin of the Earth. So with a nod to Mother Nature and her fairytale existence, I work to seek out equal beauty in the storm as in the sunrise.



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