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Michael Romero Duran
Nevada / USA

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Duran is a self-taught artist, no formal training, just a great passion and impulse to create.

Jackson Pollock's work was a great inspiration during Duran's early years and lead to the invention of a tool created from copper wire. He forged a tiny coil, influenced by the Tesla coil, which allowed the flowing of paint in a controlled manner and at the same time retained large quantities of paint.

He says, "I dip this tool into large quantities of paint and let the paint fall onto the canvas. After I drip a layer of paint, I typically wait 10-15 minutes so that it has a dry top shell. Only then can I continue adding another layer.

At the beginning it looks like an ordinary Pollock-type painting. It looks very messy and abstract, but after multiple layers, the piece is finally completed.