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Linda Hollier
Special Recognition Award
Abu Dhabi, UAE
One of Linda's first wishes as a child was to own a camera. Her love of photography and art has merged with her interest in technology. She creates artwork on her iphone and is excited to be involved in this new and revolutionary art movement.

"With my artwork I wish to find new ways of portraying the concept of rootedness and movement occurring simultaneously. The individuals in my pieces appear to be rooted in a moment but at the same time appear to be moving in an other-worldly realm which is beyond space and time. When I capture a particular moment using my iPhone, I focus on the energy that appears to accompany the individuals I am photographing. I create textures on my iPhone, and using various apps, I work on an image until I feel it conveys Essence and Presence, before having the image printed onto canvas or wood. I believe that the boundaries between hand painted art and the art created on devices using photographs and/or apps are beginning to blur."  

A keen observer of life and culture, a lover of travel and an avid reader and writer, Linda Hollier is currently living in Abu Dhabi, UAE, after spending four years in Dubai. Born in South Africa, she graduated from the University of Pretoria with a BA degree, majoring in English and Mathematics.