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M.M. Dupay
Ohio, USA
M.M. Dupay earned a Master in Fine arts, specializing in collage. It is evident in her work, the depth in which she has explored this technique. The physical act of cutting and pasting printed matter, physically removing it from one context and creating with/from it another, is both an aesthetic and political act for her.

"I am drawn to bits and pieces of images that tell a story of someone who normally lives in the margins. Combining scissor-cut pieces from magazines inherited from my maternal grandmother (mostly dating from the 1930s through the 1970s) with cut pieces from contemporary magazines, I create collages wherein hybridized characters are caught in a moment of in-between-ness. They seem plausibly real in their worlds, and yet quite at odds with the rather impossible place they are in. Aware of the viewer and their objectification, they are blended creatures existing in relation to power and place (most of which are the normalized awe-inspiring views of some of our grand national parks)."

Dupay carefully crafts her work, hiding edges and seams between pieces and initially encouraging viewers to respond to these collages as paintings or photographs.

As a professor at Bowling Green State University she is able to share this passion and experience with the students in Interdisciplinary Arts Studies Program.