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Jeanette Luchese
Ontario, Canada
As a interdisciplinary artist, Jeanette Luchese works within the disciplines of drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture and sound art. Through intertwining and cross-pollinating she explores and expands traditional art practices, harmonizing the divide.

As a First Generation Italian-Canadian born in Toronto, Ontario ”I did not realize I was not in Italy until I attended school.” Although humorous and perhaps a slight exaggeration, the underpinned meaning within this statement suggests the initial impetus which emerged as an art practice embroiled in exploring perception, with interests in the “hidden”.

"My work investigates the ability of experiencing and moving through a fluid time-space where the known and unknown coexist. They explore the idea of seeing through a wider scope to find what is hidden, to better understand one's mind's eye. They embody the idea that one must look past the obvious to find what lies below to see clearly through the deception within perception of one's own path. Coded mind maps emerge combining figuration and abstraction creating a new visual playing field that are in constant motion, moving forwards and backward in a meandering fashion influenced by the previous action within varied perspectives instinctively striving towards a holistic focus. Feeling a necessity to go beyond just the surface lead to an additional dimension: an inner reflection in an outer manifestation."