Linda Hollier returned to Rome, in May, to help give voice to an event which is playing a significant part in opening a door to Mobile Art and inviting the public to participate, interact, and be immersed in a sensory rich evening. Mobile Art is a new expressive form being explored and developed. As a mobile artist Linda is engaged in helping the public grow to understand, acknowledge and appreciate this new art movement.

MAJE, Mobile Art Jazz Experience, held at the Sala delle Donne in Rome, immersed the public in a multimedia happening which plays with the interaction between the live music, composed by Marco Testoni, and the visionary images of selected mobile artists. Images were projected on maxi-screens and were in constant motion.

Linda was invited by Andrea Bigiarini, organizer and founder of NEM, New Era Museum, to be part of the international jury. She also officiated as ambassador of NEM during the two evenings, with short presentations to the public and thanks to all the people involved.
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projected works of Linda Hollier at MAJE
In the recent in-depth interview in RYL magazine Linda said, "I love exploring when I travel the world and when I travel in cyberspace. I feel privileged to be part of the mobile art movement and am wanting to make a valuable contribution in this field. With my experimental use of the numerous apps available, I feel as if I am plunging forward into new territory."

"I feel like a pioneer!"

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