Venice, Italy - October 6th through November 27th

Linda Hollier travels the ‘corridors' of the world, whether in the realms of cyberspace or in the sands of the Middle East, through the jungles of Asia, or on the cobblestones of Europe. During these travels her eye is always drawn to the architectural manifestations of these cultures.

Her series “Corridors of Cyberspace” (click for a sneak preview) being presented in the exhibition FUTURE LANDSCAPES, at the It’s LIQUID International Art and Architecture Borders Festival in Venice, is a visual expression of her continuous research and impulse to communicate movement through these pathways whilst remaining grounded, mixing the newest technologies - iPhone and apps, with the solidness of matter - printing on recycled construction wood collected from building sites.

Linda Hollier is now becoming known for her experimental use of the numerous photographic editing apps available for smartphones, as she continuously plunges ahead into new territory. Her iPhone art has been gaining recognition in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles, Rome, Munich and the San Francisco area.

'Mobile Technology', iPhone art printed on recycled wood
"The invitation to be part of the Future Landscapes exhibition in Venice was a wonderful surprise and perfect outlet for my love of architecture and my vision of the transformations which are possible when modern technologies and online communication are used with heightened awareness. As a featured artist I feel grateful to share my vision that when envisioning future landscapes, differences can be seen as an opportunity for new possibilities, instead of being social barriers."

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