Linda Hollier is a lover of architecture and Interested in exploring the architecture of cyberspace. "When I first arrived in the Middle East I began photographing the architecture found in Dubai and then experimenting with various apps on my iPhone to create a series I called Digital Archways. Later, in an attempt to visually express the experience of cyberspace, using the very tools found there, I edited these photos to create the series entitled Corridors of Cyberspace. From this series a triptych entitled Now is being exhibited at Palazzo Flangini from December 16, 2016 to January 15, 2017."

In a recent interview Linda spoke about Japanese calligraphy. "There is a symbol called an ens&. It is a circle and is often referred to as an 'expression of the moment'. Noting it as a form of spiritual practice, many artists practise drawing an enső daily. I began incorporating the circle into my iPhone artworks."

As humankind makes use of modern technology, the circle represents for Linda not only the moment, but also the experience of whirling in cyberspace: a space which is not localized but experiential.

CONTEMPORARY VENICE is an exhibition of contemporary art, for international artists and architects to show their works in one of the most important exhibition spaces in Venice. The main theme is based on contemporaneity as a source of inspiration and a starting point for new visions of the world. The exhibition aims to analyze contemporary human lives and behaviors, the relationship between man and urban/natural backgrounds.

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