Linda Hollier
Linda Hollier is an explorer. It is this that fuels her creative process. She travels continuously, whether in cyberspace or around the globe. She is open, curious and listens deeply, as evidenced during her last travels to Jordan and Zaatari, the largest refugee camp in the Middle East.

Linda's work asks for a focused concentration on her surroundings. This has allowed her to practice 'listening' on a deeper level. As a photographer her eyes are the primary source of perception and through them she listens to the vibrations and frequencies of color, form, movement, and energy.
She has learned how to hear what is unseen and often senses the unspoken. It is in these moments, in that millisecond, that intuition becomes her guide as when to click to capture what is right in front of her.

Hollier's works are a stimulating mix of her love of technology and quality craftmanship. Her iPhone is her studio as she masters various apps which allow her to manipulate texture, add effects, etc. When she goes to print however, she uses recycled wood from building sites, thin delicate hand-woven Ethiopian veils and ceramic tiles.

Linda has only been involved in the mobile art scene for the last few years but her work is already being singled out among many. After participation in two important exhibitions in Venice she has just recently been chosen to receive Honorable Mention in the important Mobile Photography Awards 2016.

collaboration with André Meyerhans 'Noor', iPhone art on wood
She is also currently collaborating with André Meyerhans, an highly influential architect working in the Middle East and Founder of Mario Uboldi Jewellery Art. His jewellery designs photographed on Linda's work are presented through social media channels along with an interview.

Linda Hollier is an active artist and will next participate in The Empowering Girls through Education Exhibition being organized by the Ajala Project, March 3rd-8th in Dubai. She has donated her work 'Noor' meaning 'Light', which will be on sale to raise funds.

Contact Elizabeth Genovesi at info@artromnetwork
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