mDAC Summit 2017 brought together renowned mobile artists and speakers at the intersection of art, techonology and education. Linda Hollier was selected by the jury as one of these artists with her work 'Curiosity in Cyberspace'.

Linda works exclusively on her iPhone and has mastered many of the newest apps that allow her to create works that continue to gain her recognition.

As she moves throughout the globe, so does her work. If one follows Linda through her social media channels it is evident that she is always on the go. She continuously pushes the parameters of time and space, a consequence being that this year has been full of incredible opportunities to see her work in the most interesting places: Auditorium of Santo Stefano al Ponte in Florence, Italy, Museu da Imagem e do Som, in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Mira Forum Gallery in Porto, Portugal, EuroAirport in Basel, Switzerland, World Art Dubai Fair in UAE.

There has been a growing trend toward Linda’s iPhone Art being projected very large. In Italy, Linda was chosen to be part of the Equinox Experience in which the works of a selected group of artists, who are considered the founders of the emerging mobile art movement, were projected on enormous multiple screens creating an ‘immersive’ environment.

Curiosity in Cyberspace
iPhone art on recycled wood
50 X 66cm
limited edition of 10

For purchase and shipping info contact Elizabeth Genovesi at

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