Transitions are always hard to deal with, especially when moving from one culture to another. iPhone artist, Linda Hollier, has recently said goodbye to the United Arab Emirates after 10 years of living in the urban centers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and now finds herself admiring cloud formations in the clear blue skies of Alberta, Canada.

Upheavals as big as these, are not only geographical but are existential. For many artists this difficulty becomes the foundation and creative source for new works. A new environment contains a constant onslaught of uncertainties and the creative process rises to address them.

One of Linda Hollier's latest works, 'Portal' (above) is a clear example of this. A portal by definition is a doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially a large and imposing one. This stunning work leaves one with the sensation of entering into something unknown. The background circle creates a subtle sense of harmony, comfort and even stability within the uncertainty of stepping into uncharted territory.

Some of Linda's earlier works, 'Where are we heading?', 'Facing the Unknown', 'Which Way?' and others (visit instagram) also address this feeling of movement within stillness. This is an essential sensation in so many of Hollier's works and not easy to evoke visually, but she has mastered it. Her technical ability to use available apps and thoughtfully apply them to the photos she takes shows her expertise as an iPhone artist.

Currently Linda Hollier's work titled 'At Qasr Al Watan' is being exhibited at the Sao Paulo Museum of Image and Sound in the Digital Arte section of the Mobgraphia Cultura Visual Mobile Photo Festival 2019.

For those of you in the UAE, Linda Hollier's work is still locally available though her gallery representation. They also represent her in Europe. For anyone requiring further info contact Elizabeth Genovesi at

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