Wings 2014,  #here2here series,  50 X 50 cm  iPhoneography Art on wood
An immediacy not common among most artists is just one of the interesting aspects of Linda Hollier's work. . . an intuition of the moment, a click, her studio in her hand, apps on her iPhone and a nimble finger as well as a vision and lots of experience. She can sit down immediately, where ever she is and create the work.

The beauty of the work does not lie in the time needed to create it but in the knowledge and capibility to use her tools and the possibility to manifest the moment that inspired her. Her work is of the moment, in the moment.

6 of her works from the #here2here series are now available to view at L’UNICO in Rome. These works are available to purchase from ARTROM Network.

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A collaboration between ARTROM Network and L’UNICO was born with the idea to offer the public original evenings of quality by creating a synergetic combination between contemporary art, at an international level, mixed with an innovative culinary environment.
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