Those of you who collect the works of international iPhone artist Linda Hollier and keep an eye on her artistic adventures may be asking, "Where in the world is Linda?"

As is common for passionate, active artists, Linda Hollier, as well as having an intensive period of exhibitions in Spain, Italy, Portugal and the USA has taken time to focus on input. This recharges her creative processes, putting her in touch with that which she is trying to manifest in the creation of new works. In this regard Linda has been busier than ever.

Linda continues to be called a 'pioneer' and now it is the time to add the word 'nomad'. This is a subtle element that often appears in her works. The figures are always with their back to the viewer and exude an energy which seems to propel them forward into the unknown. This position is an implict invitation for us to join them on the journey.

Where has Linda journeyed in the last six months? She has traveled far and wide. In May she was in Rome, Italy with renowned composer Marco Testoni at the MAJE, Mobile Art Jazz Experience as part of the international jury and Ambassador for the New Era Museum.

Then she zipped over to Tbilisi, Georgia, then Muscat, Oman, then Pretoria, South Africa and then rolled through Canada, in a big RV, on a three week exploration including visits to Red Deer, Vancouver, and Salt Spring Island.

In September she made a trip to Baku, Azerbaijan where she was honored by the possibility to visit artist Faig Ahmed in his studio. You can read about this extraordinary day at Refresh Your Life. Then off to Germany where she spent time with her printer to experiment with new materials and printing processes. A quick trip to London, another to South Africa, then home to Abu Dhabi . . .

What can we expect next?
Keep your eyes and ears open because Linda is absorbing all these life experiences in order to transform them into new work to share with you.

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