Linda Hollier shares the unfolding of her creative journey in this informative interview. An artist who wholeheartedly embraces the opportunties of new technology while always staying grounded in the material world, she speaks about her beginnings and what's next.

Linda's love of architecture posed the question, "What is the architecture of Cyberspace?" and lead to the creation of the series 'Corridors of Cyberspace' in 2012, which was recently exhibited in Venice, Italy. She also works with unusual portraiture in which she explores themes such as 'rootedness in movement', 'diversity in unity', and 'here to here'.

Mariska Nell asked Linda "If you could own any artwork in the world what would it be and why?" Linda's answer is rather surprising.

What's up next for Linda? A collaboration with Andrea Bigiarini, Founder of the New Era Museum and Marco Testoni of the Pollock Project in which they are working together to bring the Equinox Wu Wei Tour to DubaI next year. This is a revolutionary project, an immersive, multi-sensory experience of contemporary photography and cinematic music, in the name of Mobile Art.

LInda is a fascinating artist with a constant curiosity which carries her forward in her artistic research and process. This interview gives one the opportunity to know her better.

“The Butterfly Effect -
from Intent to Impact”

this year’s edition focuses on
enacting social change through
social entrepreneurship, impact investment, philanthropy, diversity
& inclusion, education and the arts.

Proceeds from the sale of
Linda Hollier's
'Wings', 'Direction' and 'Beyond Words'
will be donated to Play for Smiles.

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